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The Start of the Mentee Class 2024 - A Recap

March marked a significant milestone for the Initiative Women into Leadership (IWiL) with the commencement of our Mentee Class of 2024. This vibrant group of aspiring leaders gathered for a networking event and official kick-off, setting the tone for a year of growth, learning, and empowerment.

A Networking Night to Remember

The Kick Off began on the evening of March 14th at Noerr Partnergesellschaft mbB in Düsseldorf. Our mentees were welcomed with an engaging reception, followed by inspiring talks, including a keynote by Claudia Plattner, President at BSI and a former mentee. Her journey, titled "Navigating the Digital Labyrinth: A Female Career in IT," resonated deeply, offering both personal insights and professional guidance.

A Day of Insights and Inspiration

The following day, we transitioned to the historic Zeche Zollverein in Essen. The event commenced with a small breakfast, followed by a series of motivational speeches and interactive sessions. Sabine Hansen, Chairwoman at IWiL, delivered a heartening welcome address. The highlight of the morning was introduced by our board member Dr. Maike Albers-Malkus the "Review of the Mentoring Year 2023" with an impactful testimonial from our mentee Anne B. Bicking and her mentor Frauke Heistermann, shedding light on the transformative experiences within our program.

We were especially eager to get to know our newest mentee which is why the Elevator Pitches by our Mentees were a special insight into their personalities.

In an enlightening session, Andreas Krebs captivated the audience with his speech on "The Fascination of Great Leadership." Andreas, a seasoned leader with extensive experience, explored the essential qualities that make a great leader. He emphasized the power of visionary leadership and its ability to inspire and drive change. Through engaging anecdotes and evidence-based practices, Andreas illustrated how effective leadership transcends mere management to genuinely engage and empower teams. This session offered profound insights into the art of leadership, leaving the mentees motivated to develop their own leadership skills.

Looking Forward

As we progress through the year, the connections forged and the insights gained during this event will undoubtedly empower our mentees to reach new heights in their careers. We are excited to continue this journey, supporting each mentee through upcoming events and the personal growth that awaits in their mentoring relationships.

We thank each participant for their enthusiasm and commitment, and we eagerly anticipate the achievements that the Mentee Class of 2024 will bring. Together, we are paving the way for a future where female leadership is not just celebrated but expected.

Welcome to IWiL, where your leadership journey takes a significant leap forward!

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