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Our Mentees

In today's business world, mentoring concepts enable an appreciative exchange between mentees and mentors on an equal footing. These pioneering approaches ensure clear role definitions for both sides.

Every year, our member companies nominate their talented top managers for our exclusive mentoring program . The focus is on female leaders who have the potential to lead our organizations. It is very important to make internal talent visible - a step that requires courage and conviction. We firmly believe that the possibilities for a successful internal career are far from exhausted.

IWiL is proud to provide the platform that supports and promotes this process. Our mission is to create an environment where talented women can achieve their full potential. We believe in the power of mentoring to create connections, share knowledge and grow together.

We look forward to working with you and achieving success together. Find out more about IWiL and how we are shaping the future of leadership – for equally inspiring and sustainable career development.

The mentoring journey begins at the Kick Off, where mentees have the unique opportunity to meet and interact with two potential mentors. This is the mentees' chance to get to know their potential mentors better and to build an initial foundation for their mentee-mentor relationship.

The “Triangle Talk” serves as a three-way conversation between the mentee, mentor and a representative of the mentee’s company. This is a crucial moment to align personal and professional development with company goals, receive valuable feedback and coordinate the development plan.

The IWiL Summit is the highlight of the mentoring year and is an inspiring platform to reflect on progress, set new goals and exchange ideas with a larger community. This event serves as a crucial checkpoint to assess the mentees' development and plan the next steps on the way up in mentoring.

Throughout the year, we encourage our mentees and mentors to have several one-on-one mentoring sessions that focus on personal and professional development. These sessions are tailored to mentees' goals, challenges and aspirations and provide guidance, support and accountability along the career path.

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