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Welcome to the Initiative Women in Leadership (IWiL) , your leading partner for the promotion and development of female leadership talent . Founded by Sabine Hansen and Dr. Natalie Daghles, IWiL offers a comprehensive, targeted program to support ambitious women who are ready to take on top management positions .

Our mission at IWiL is clearly defined: We strive to bring more women into leadership positions . We pursue this goal with passion and commitment. Through our strong mentor network , we support almost 200 female talents on their career path, with the result that 60% of our mentees achieve significant career progress - many of them within just a few years of starting their mentoring at IWiL.

The IWiL network includes impressive leaders such as Annette Grabbe, CEO of Rheinbahn, Dr. Lena Lindemann, Human Resources Director at Ergo Versicherungen, and Christina Sontheim-Leven from CEWE. They all received crucial impulses for their careers from IWiL.

Discover more about our work, our network and our success stories . Join IWiL and actively shape your future as a female leader. Together we can transform the corporate landscape and pave the way for even more women to the top. Your involvement with IWiL can be the decisive step on your path to a leadership role.

Our History

The "Initiative Women into Leadership" (IWiL) was founded in 2017 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable development and promotion of women in leadership positions . It was founded by leading personalities from various sectors such as science, culture, society, medicine and business, who pursue the common goal of enabling the sustainable promotion of women at the top level.

IWiL recently celebrated its five-year anniversary and looks back on a success story that is particularly characterized by the cross-mentoring program. This program is central to the organization and aims to create a dynamic learning environment that benefits both mentors and mentees and contributes to their personal and professional growth by bringing together people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

The importance of cross-mentoring for the success of IWiL was recently confirmed by recertification by the German Society for Mentoring (DGM). This underlines the adherence to high standards of mentoring and the positive impact on the career development of the participants, 50% of whom achieved a promotion after completing the program.

The organization also has an Advisory Board and an extended Board of Directors , consisting of notable representatives from member companies, who support IWiL in pursuing strategic growth and expanding its international reach.

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Initiative Women into Leadership eV

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