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Your Questions - our Answers

The IWiL concept was developed to close a gap in the area of women's advancement and mentoring programs. Our analysis has shown that many of the existing programs, despite their strong commitment and good intentions, do not always achieve the desired results.

This insight led us to develop an innovative model that is both effective and sustainable. At IWiL, we combine proven approaches with new strategies to ensure every woman has the support and resources she needs to succeed.

We believe in open and honest discourse and invite everyone interested to discuss the future of women's advancement with us.


There are already so many female talent programs. Why should we participate here?

There are actually a number of good programs aimed at female talent.

However, IWiL is not intended for younger talents, but is aimed at top women who will rise to the top in the next 3 - 5 years and are already at at least department/area management level. It is precisely these women who need to be promoted and brought forward, as experience shows that from this level onwards the network of relationships in the company becomes increasingly complex and the number of available top positions decreases proportionally.

The company’s commitment makes it clear internally and externally that “we still have plans for you”…

Doesn't an open program run the risk of the top women being poached from us?

In times of digitalization or social networks, anyone who wants to is visible to the external market. With IWiL, companies support the goal of sustainably empowering and promoting top women who are already on the right path.

The exclusivity of the format and a code of conduct signed by the members also ensure that the members feel connected to the club's purposes and not to short-term recruitment goals.

What happens after completing the program if the top job is a long time coming?

IWiL cannot guarantee the next job, but the transparency of the tandems also ensures that members set an example beyond the mainstream, both internally and externally.

In addition, interested and qualified mentees can also take on the role of mentor and thus ensure that IWiL becomes larger and the networking among each other becomes better.

Why is IWiL a non-profit organization?

The sustainability of the initiative beyond the current year is important to us. The goal of empowering top women on their way to the top cannot be achieved in the short term, but must be built over a longer period of time.

IWiL's non-profit status also enables us to remain neutral and keep the association free of political goals or interests.

Our credo is: by members for members.

Why are there also mentors in the club who don't have a corporate background?

IWiL wants to bring together different experiences and skills and also offer this diversity to top women.

We are convinced that top personalities from all areas can make their contribution to supporting women in the long term.

Mentoring is very time-consuming and I already have mentees. Why should I get involved here?

IWiL brings together an exclusive circle of top personalities with the common goal of sustainably promoting the participation of women at the top level (network formation, club idea).

The program ensures that the time required for both sides remains manageable and can therefore be planned. Each quarter, 1 hour is set aside for a personal conversation.

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