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Kick Off 2023 - IWiL

Our Concept

The establishment of a cross-mentoring program creates a unique opportunity for women at management level to share valuable experiences from outstanding personalities. This enables a personal and accessible dialog that takes place across the boundaries of different companies. Learn more about the benefits of the cross-mentoring program for top female executives and their careers.

Procedure & 3-Pillar Concept


The Implementation

30+ top female talents per year for the top level


The Goal

An exclusive and sustainable network for female talents


The Participants

Our member companies, mentors and mentees

The Goal:
An exclusive & sustainable network for female talents on top level

Our aim at IWiL is to offer companies and women in particular an exclusive and sustainable network with leading personalities from science, society and business. We strive to establish this network as a platform for a comprehensive exchange of experience outside the traditional corporate environment. Our mission is to prepare participants for entrepreneurial leadership challenges triggered by digitalization and changes in business models. Our focus is on sustainable development and long-term success in the business world.

Programs for Women at the 1st and 2nd levels are almost

Current research findings show that there is still considerable potential to increase the number of women in management positions at the top and second level of the hierarchy. Sustainable programs that specifically target these levels either need to be expanded or do not yet exist ( Source: ESCP Europe).

One reason for this is gender bias and a one-sided definition of what constitutes true talent in terms of organizational goals. In addition, the underlying career orientation, which has so far allowed a purely vertical view, plays a decisive role. Women who have made it into management positions at the upper levels are no longer adequately included in the usual talent management programs, which increasingly increases the risk of career dropouts.

The Implementation:

30+ top female talents

per year for the top level

The mentee target group consists of women who are likely to take up or want to take over a position as managing director of a subsidiary within the next 5 years or who aspire to the top of the company.

The companies nominate the mentees either themselves or through calls for applications. In a jointly signed "Letter of Intent", mentors and mentees define the contact options (by telephone, in person, digitally), the number of meetings and their expectations and goals. Both parties undertake to maintain confidentiality.

Selection of participants:

Due to the importance of trust in the mentoring process, mentees have the opportunity to prioritize from a selection of potential mentors. During the kick-off event, an initial meeting takes place between the potential tandems to get to know each other. The mentor-mentee pairs are then finally assigned by the organization of the association, taking into account the feedback from the initial contacts.

Tiffany Wilson

Barbara Thiel

Ursula Porth

Astrid Hundshagen

Antje Gutberlet1.png

Antje Gutberlet

Beate Erbse

Marjolein van der Heide

Wiebke Sparka

Simone Kollmann-Göbels

Our Matching Committee

A Matching Committee was set up with the aim of further professionalizing the nomination and selection process for IWiL classes and to take account of IWiL's growth. This committee consists of high-ranking HR representatives from the member companies and the association's management.

We would like to thank Astrid Hundshagen (DKV Mobility), Simone Kollmann-Göbels (Ströer), Marjolein van der Heide (GEA), Antje Gutberlet (Rheinbahn), Tiffany Wilson (Deutsche Telekom), Barbara Thiel (Thyssenkrupp), Beate Erbse (Nufarm), Ursula Porth (All for OneGroup SE) andWiebke Sparka (E.ON)

 for their valuable expertise.

We look forward to a successful collaboration in matching the Mentee Class 2024.

The Participants:

Our member companies, mentors  and Mentees

Member Companies:

Every year, the member companies of the Women into Leadership pool are committed to selecting and nominating young female managers (mentees). This internal selection and nomination process takes place at the end of each year. Through their membership of IWiL, the companies emphatically underline their commitment to the sustainable development of female managers and send a strong signal both internally and externally.

The Mentors:

Mentees have the opportunity to nominate up to two mentors of their choice from a circle of top personalities. The mentor and mentee get to know each other for the first time at a kick-off event to form the tandem as part of a speed dating format. The decision for the tandem depends largely on the goals of the mentee and the desired areas of expertise. Mentors have a fundamental right to have a say. The final formation of the tandems is carried out by the association.

The Mentees:

Being nominated for the IWiL program offers mentees a tremendous opportunity to become part of an exclusive network outside their company and to gain personal access to a top personality.

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