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Patronage 2024

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 mentee class of the Initiative Women into Leadership eV cross-mentoring program will receive a special honor: Julia Klöckner , Federal Minister and economic policy spokesperson for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, is the patron for the class of 2024 took over.

Julia Klöckner

"As patron of the IWiL Mentee Class of 2024, I look forward to supporting and promoting women in leadership positions - an area in which women are significantly underrepresented despite their competence and ability to work in these positions. Statistics show that top Management positions are predominantly occupied by men, while women hold only 29 percent of leadership positions, especially in the technology sector. To counteract this imbalance, cultural adjustments in companies and flexible work arrangements are necessary to integrate women not only as capable managers, but them also to establish themselves as role models. I would like to encourage the 2024 mentees to network, take on challenges and actively demand change to increase the presence and influence of women in leadership positions."

- Julia Klöckner

Julia Klöckner's patronage is a strong sign of recognition and support for our program and its goals. Through her experiences and commitment, she offers a valuable perspective and inspiration for our mentees. She encourages all women to face challenges, use networks and stand up for their goals and rights.

We believe this patronage will enrich our program and help our mentees develop the confidence they need to advance in their careers and take on leadership roles. We look forward to a year full of inspiring debates and personal growth moments under the patronage of Ms. Klöckner.

The Importance of Political Stakeholder Management

Furthermore, we recognize the increasing importance of political stakeholder management in today's business world. Companies and organizations are more than ever influenced by political decisions that determine their operations, growth opportunities and the framework conditions for their actions. Against this background, it is essential that leaders, like our mentees, develop the ability to understand this political context and incorporate it strategically into their planning. Through Julia Klöckner's patronage, our mentees not only gain insight into the importance of networks and personal commitment, but also into the need to understand political awareness and stakeholder management as critical components of their future leadership roles. This knowledge prepares them to proactively respond to political changes and navigate their organizations through complex political landscapes.

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